Imran Duka

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Imran Duka

QARI's first hafidh, Imran Duka, started his hifdh journey with QARI in August of 2017. Imran finished memorizing the entire Quran on December 30, 2019 and received an ijaza in Hafs an 'Asim min tareeq as-Shatibiyah a few months later. Imran has participated in a number of Quran contests locally and at the national level and has won several, alhamdulillah. Imran is also an instructor at QARI and has a deep passion for the Quran and qira'aat. In his spare time Imran loves to play basketball. 


Persistent Achievement

Meet the students who have memorized the entire Quran through the consistent and structured programs offered at QARI. Through patience, perseverance and the permission of Allah, these students have been able to memorize the final revelation from cover to cover.

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Sulaiman Ahmadi

QARI's second hafidh, Sulaiman Ahmadi, enrolled in QARI's Quran program in 2017. Sulaiman finished memorizing the entire Quran on May 21, 2021. He is currently pursuing an ijazah in qira'at 'Asim. Sulaiman also leads tarawih prayers in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. 

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