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Chartered Establishment

Meet the founders who have established QARI from the ground up. With several decades of experience between them, they have worked tirelessly to establish this institute to teach sacred knowledge and carry on our scholarly tradition. All three of our founders have obtained several degrees; the three combined have spent over forty years in Madinah and continue to maintain strong ties to the city of the Prophet ﷺ.

Dr Tahir .jpeg

Dr. Tahir Wyatt, PhD Theology


Rashid Pic.jpeg

Shaykh Rashid Ahmadi, MEd TAFL

Executive Director

Hanif Pic.jpeg

Imam Hanif Fouse, MEd TESOL

Vice President


Dr Zubair new.jpeg

Dr. Zubair Malik, Treasurer

Dr. Zubair Malik is a practicing gastroenterologist at Temple University Hospital.  After completing undergraduate studies at Penn State university, he completed the remainder of his medical training at Temple University. He has been involved with several free clinics in the area. 

Dr. Malik has been a student with QARI since its inception and is passionate about supporting Islamic education across the region and country. He now serves as the treasurer for QARI.

Trinka's Pic.jpeg

Dr. Trinka Klima, Secretary

Dr. Katherine (Trinka) Klima, DNP, CNM is a retired Nurse Midwife and former Director of Nursing for Quality and Safety at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Madina, Saudi Arabia. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in medical ethics with a specialty in Islamic Bioethics at the University of Chicago and teaches both health care providers and community members about ethical issues related to the beginning and end of life from an Islamic perspective.

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